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dana 80 front axle build Mar 24, 2014 · There is no sense in going to an 80 and running anything smaller than 40 spline stuff, You would end up with a strong ass gear, and axles that would be your fuse, only real sense in building an 80 is to be somewhat bullet proof. By the way, a Felpro 72059 (or RDS 6095-1) gasket for a Dana 60 or Dana 70 will fit the housing cover. 2500 Diesel/V10 autos use the dana 70 rear,2500 manuals use the dana 80 rear. You simply cannot find a stronger axle solution than the Elite™ ProRock Axle-Set. The hybrid 80 has a 80 center section and 70 axles and tubes. That way I don't have to get custom spline shafts and makes getting replacements easy. I put a few stitch welds to hold it in place and then put rtv around it to make sure it seals. out of 5. Housing is bigger, I think bearings and pinion input is bigger. Hy Tuf alloy is the same material used in aircraft landing gears. Two spring perches. We build all of our parts to handle the worst abuse possible, and sell only high quality performance parts from the best in the industry. 88 gear and spool This Dana 80 drum brake conversion kit fits 1994-2000 Dodge trucks . Jul 18, 2019 · The ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set is designed specifically for large JL builds with very large tires, high-performance engine swaps, superchargers, high-torque diesel engine swaps, deep gear reduction and transfer case ratios numerically higher than 4:1. 00. The base price includes: Brand New USA Made Dana 80 Center Section 4" x 3/8" (. Hy Tuf material utilizes a thru hardening heat treat Price: $21964. Select your kit below: Showing all 2 results. jeep jl placer front axle shafts By utilizing our Dana 60 forgings, we are able to improve the strength of the JL front axles by using the larger 1480 series u-joint found in 1 ton trucks. Differential cover option is a Dana 80 Diff Cover. Sep 06, 1999 · On the differential housing flange, top front, both right and left sides, the axle has "80 ISU" stamped in raised letters. While the Dana 70 carrier is the same size as the one used in the Aug 09, 2021 · Dec 4, 2012 — Dana axle application/BOM guide 1979-1998 (all models, not just 70) I guess depending on identification inside some do thicker or thinner . All automatic tranny equipped trucks came with a Dana 70 and all manual tranny equipped trucks came with a Dana hybrid 80. Drive Axle Assembly Tag. You'll find an axle to get you down any road you travel. May 04, 2019 · Dana 80 F53. Full-floating Dana 135 The Dana 135 is found in some Ford F-550 medium-duty trucks and motorhomes. Pro 80 FRONT AXLE. Mar 31, 2011 · Building A Budget Dana 60 By The Numbers: Dana 60 Chrysler Rear Housing (44″ center of pad-to-pad width, 54″ between backing plate flanges width) Currie Forged Alloy Extreme 35-spline Axles, offset pair 28-7/16″ and 27-1/16″ (# CE-1014) Currie Sealed Large Axle Bearings With O-Rings (# CE-8000S) Motive Gear 4. CLICK HERE for More Details Part#: 45720. XJ/TJ/LJ/ZJ to JK Dana 44 Front Axle Swap Kit. NOTE It is recommended that when referring to the axle, the complete part number and build date be obtained. It is about 2 feet long. It will not fit a dually axle, which has 2 tires on each side. Follow these steps to locate the appropriate service carrier for your existing axle model: 1. THE LATEST IN CAR NEWS number is the year, the fourth is the line that built the axle, and the letter is the shift. $149. All V8 3/4 tons use the Dana 60 rear. Basically everything is bigger. 437 -14 fits Ford Dana 80 Rear with Full Float axle shafts that use 39697 gasket. This is for those who need a higher capacity axle over the factory 7,000 lbs rating. G2 offers our Tork line of high strength front axles manufactured to exceed the strength of factory parts, while staying price conscious. $469. Jan 19, 2009 · 1,378 Posts. Item Part Description 1 Ring Gear and Drive Pinion Assembly 2 Inner Pinion Bearing Cone 3 Inner Pinion Bearing Cup 4 Pinion Position Shims 5 Pinion Bearing Preload Shims 6 Outer Description: *Fits Dana Spicer 80 with 37 spline axles *4. Dana 80 Disc Brake Kits. We carry a wide range of Dana 60 and Dana 80 axles and components including Axle Shafts, Diff Covers, Knuckles and High Steer, Ring and Pinions, Axle Trusses and Tabs, and more. 73 Ratio. Note that these older axles also typically come from well-used (or maybe abused) vehicles, and may have to be entirely rebuilt before being “swappable. Part Number: MBT-1000RENK1-72 RCV Ultimate CV Axle Set for Land Cruiser 80 Series ('91-'97) - 30 Spline Upgrade. 5" out back. $1. There are plenty of ratios available that range from 3. Aug 10, 2007 · The Dana 80 is more axle than most people will ever need. 73 & Numerically Lower 4. On a side note next time I do this I'll make the seal adapter wider so the seal is closer to the carrier. The Early Bronco Dana 44: Nov 27, 2018 · The rear axles to F-450 / F-550 trucks were all Dana axles, not Ford. Shown above is their RockJock high pinion 60. Jeep Axle Identification Chart. Apr 23, 2012 · Dana 110 is a Square tube axle and the 80 is a round tube axle. Effective July 1, 2004, Dana Spicer eliminated the core charges for all axle carriers. The Dana 80 is more axle than most people will ever need. Specifically, Dana 80, Dana 110, Dana 130, Dana 135, and later designations of the Dana 110 design iteration evolved to Dana S14-110 and Dana S16-130. My manual doesn't specify, but you can look up the two axles on Ring And Pinion Gears, Axles and Axle Shafts Feb 19, 2008 · 2. 5 Pints / 1. Dana 80 Front Axle Build Page 4. For independent front suspension (IFS May 19, 2014 · A high-pinion Dana 60 front axle is one of the top upgrades for truck and SUV wheelers across the board. We install Crane Magnum Knuckles, High Steer Arms and Bearings. 75 fits Dana 80 Rear with Full Float axle shafts that use O-Ring. From there, the axles are assembled to your chosen Specs. This combination uses Dana 70 axles shafts mated to a Dana 80 center section (including the carrier, ring gear, and housing). You wont find a GVWR above 8800 without a dually from Dodge in 94+ yrs. Best case scenario is 2" all the way, second best is 2" stubs and 40 spline inners, third is just straight up 40 The base price is a front axle assembly ready for your link mounts and shock mounts. They put a spacer on the left rear due to leaning. I made an adapter that the seal fits in that I can press on to the tube. Standard rotation axles use the same gears found in Dana 60 rear axles and reverse rotation axles require reverse rotation Dana 60 gears. 99 Nov 16, 2021 · Dana is a leading supplier of fully integrated drivetrain and electrified propulsion systems for all passenger vehicles. axle contains a gear ratio tag, and if the axle is equipped with a limited slip differential, it will contain a tag specifying the use of limited slip lubricant. Kit Contains TIMKEN Bearings; Kit contains all Components for Install; Auburn Gear differential master bearing kits save you the trouble of finding the bearings that you need for your differential and Ring & Pinion 1998 Spicer/Dana DANA 80 (Stock #21114695) Differentials & Differential Parts / Axles, Complete Rears May 19, 2021 · Front Axle: Custom Dana 80 with Rockwell knuckles and 4" OD tube Ouverson 47 spline 2" chromo shafts 4. 00 TruTrac Limited Slip - Installed $985. 99 1. Dodge uses a hybrid rear axle on the Ram 2500HD and 3500 equipped with the V10 or Cummins diesel engines. The BKOR SUPER 14 BOLT axle is the most cost effective way to build a bullet proof 14 bolt. The Best Ford Chevy Dodge Toyota Suzuki Dana 60 Dana 44 14 Bolt Suspension, Armor, Axle components, Fabrication parts Lift and SAS kits OBS SuperDuty Swap F350 F250 Jan 30, 2003 · All 8800GVWR and higher 94+ Rams have the dana 60 front. Apr 10, 2017 · The 80 has the passenger side shock mount forward of the axle where the dana 70 has both shock mounts integrated into the rear of the u bolt plate. See Details. Working collaboratively with original-equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket, we focus on delivering best-in-class efficiency, maximum durability, and superior ride and handling across the globe. Our heavy duty axle swap kits come with everything you need for a weekend axle swap. See the graphic below to determine if your axle is a high or low pinion design. The inners are the longest long side and the longest short side that they make and it worked out to make the axle the correct width. 10/G80 Bilstein BE5 6140 T5 front / BE5 6682 H5 rear Toyo AT 285/70-17 on chrome H2's Dana Spicer gears ring and pinion gear sets to fit all DANA front axle or Dana r ear end models. comSPYDER OFFROAD: http://spyderoffroad. art umber XXXXXX anufacturing Date odel umber XX imited Slip ubrication Tag atio Tag Figure 1 In this figure the axle is identified with 1/8” (3. Ford. Find the axle model identification of your existing The Dana 50 TTB (Twin Traction Beam) 4×4 front axle was used in the Ford F-350 from 1980 until a mid-year change in 1985, when the F-350 was fitted with the Dana 60 solid front axle. The Bill of Material number may also be found on the carrier in some models as shown in illustration (2A). favorite this post Nov 12 The 2003-2007 Powerstroke equipped F-250 and F-350 trucks featured a Dana 60 assembly up front and either a Dana 80 or 10. For '17 up, the axles remain Dana, in various ratings of the M300 axle family. The Pro 80 is precision manufactured in the highest quality 5 axis CNC to 5 microns of accuracy. The Dana/Spicer 80 axles are identified with a manufacturing date (1) and Bill of Material number 1/8" high metal stamp (2) stamped on the right or left hand tube on driving axles. 5 . All 2500 V-10's and diesels had a minimum of a Dana 70 rear axle. Please call or email us to discuss your customization specs: axle width, diff drop, offset, caster and pinion angles, and any changes to the above standard specifications you want to make. Popular Axle Upgrades: Front Axle upgrades to replace the Dana 30 low pinion (in early XJ's and ZJ's) High pinion D30 out of a 95+ XJ Notes: This would be a bolt-in! 4 cylinder XJ versions have 4. 35 spline Dana 60; 37 spline Dana 80; 40 spline; 31, 33 spline Nissan; All of Diamond Axle's front axles are only available with disk brakes. The Dana 50 was an option on the Ford F-250HD (Heavy Duty – over 8500# GVW) from 1980-1986. Converting the rear drum brakes on your DRW truck over to disc brakes has a lot of benefits: Yukon YA D45553-2 Front Axle | Dana 60/70/80. scRUSH OFFROAD PARK: http://www. #4 · Dec 25, 2007. Dana Spicer 45816 BOLT for AXLE HUB metric thread M12 x 1. Also I'm using Spicer non greaseable joints. i was just going to build a spindle/hub kit May 02, 2011 · SWALLDOG. [ QUOTE ] The toughest Dana 44, Dana 60, Dana 80 Knuckles, Differential Covers, Hi-Steer, Drive Flanges, King Pin Parts, and Components Crane Axle 4x4 Off-Road Knuckles, Diff Covers, and Axle Parts The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 13 are available in the standard steps for every axle. With their massive ring gears, stout pinions and heavy duty housings, they are the obvious choice as the core axles for a crawler build, or if you’re lucky enough to start with a heavy duty platform where they are stock, even better! Come visit us at: http://www. Dana 30 Over Axle Truss (XJ,TJ,ZJ) 10133 Dana 44 axles and build parts 2021 Jeep Dana 44 front & rear axle 10k miles $3,000 (sac > Arbuckle ) $80. 00 From the highway to the high country, the Ultimate Dana 60 ®, Ultimate Dana 44™, and Dana 44™ axles are bolt-in axles that will stand up to whatever you dish out. A vertically positioned tag near the center of the right hand side support arm, 2) stamped into the left hand side support arm (opposite end of the camber adjuster), or 3) stamped into the "nose end" of the axle carrier. Ok, you have more money than fabrication talent and want to just buy a beefy solid front axle. 25" thick aluminum high steer arms Wilwood Brakes on Ouverson Super 8 Hubs 3/8" plate diff cover 1410 yoke Rear Axle: Dana 80 35 spline 4. Differential Model (Rear) DANA 80. Rebuilt GM & Ford Dana 60 Front Axles Lock Rite - Installed $469. "42853" stamped in raised numbers. it dident start out as a dana 80 front end. Something New in Toyota Front Axles: We hate leaking axles. Designed specifically for dual rear wheel trucks: Parts are original quality (or better) Kit includes everything you need to do both sides of the axle (except brake fluid) Free priority shipping in the US. 10 gears! This also has larger 760 u-joints! 80-91 Wagoneer Narrow-Track Dana 44 Differential Location: Drivers side; Lug pattern: 6 on 5. Genuine Dana Spicer Gears fit best and run quieter. The lightest axle in its class, the ProRock80 has all the beef you’ll need in your JK to handle the largest tires with the hottest motor. Another major difference is the fact that the 70 uses studs on the bottom to hold the shocks and the 80 has u brackets that require bolts. There are a few 7500GVWR 2500's out Jun 29, 2016 · Ford equipped the F-150 with Dana Twin Traction Beam (TTB) independent front suspension (IFS) axles on 1980 to 1997 model year 4x4s, which comprised three F-150 generations. We combine a 14 bolt center section with 05+ Ford Super Duty Cs and outer knuckles. Narrowing Kit, Rear Axle, Chevy, Dana, Ford, Chrysler, 72 in. 4-Link Rears. rushoff May 02, 2011 · DANA 80 front axle build. 31:1 to 5. The massive 11. Appalachian Performance Engineering is an off road vehicle & parts manufacturing company. 2 Liters: Dana 35 Axle: 80W-90 Gear and Axle Lubricant: 3. 1. Gear Rotation. ADD to. Front Steering and Rear Axles and Components for Dana 60 and Dana 80 Upgrade the brakes on your dually (aka dual rear wheel) Dana 80 (1994-2000 Dodge only) axle with this disc brake conversion kit. Dana 44 Flat Top Knuckles For High Steering: NOTE: All of the tech on this site applies to Dana 44 front axle as well as Dana 27 and Dana 30 front axles. rcvperformance. Ratings Snapshot 4. 10 and lower numbers use one carrier, all higher numbers use a different carrier. 10 & Numerically Higher The reigning champs of the heavy duty axle world, Dana’s 60, 70 and 80 series axles bring the beef. 73 to 5. The bottom line is that reverse cut gears (front axle style) and axle assemblies are inherently stronger for front axle use because of the way the gear mesh when moving the vehicle forward direction. Toll Free: (800) 521-0628 • axle diff 4x4 front parts • axle diff rear end parts • axle shafts rear diff • ball joints / king pin parts • bearings • build it yourself - parts lists • bushings to adapt tube size • companion flanges • crush sleeve - collapsable spacer • cv ball stud yokes double cardan • cv parts - double cardan driveshaft • diff Nov 13, 2019 · The Dynatrac Elite™ ProRock XD60®/80 Axle-Set stands alone among all other 4x4 drivetrain options. MSRP: $364. West Coast Differentials stocks a complete line of light duty axle parts for Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dana, Ford, GM, Jeep and Toyota and more! Axle Swap Kits Parts. -made bolt-in unit is lightweight and has more ground clearance than its competitors. The dana 80 2500 rear is a hybrid with an 80 center section and 70 shafts and hubs. 99. Using this Book: Existing Axle Model to Replacement Carrier Model All carriers are identified by axle model. Exact pricing will vary depending on your choice of locker or limited-slip, axleshafts, brakes, etc. 88 gears on custom Ouverson spool Rear mounted 2. High quality forged front axles for Dana 30, 44, 60 applications are designed to replace your stock axle shaft and handle the added torque of today's performance applications. A Dana 80 can be had with 3. . Thread starter sixb; Start date Jul 22, 2011; sixb 1/2 ton status. Our team expertly machine presses 4” x ½” (. Price: $2,974. com/main. Four 10" x 5/8" U-bolts with tall nuts and heavy duty washers. 38:1 and a good number of aftermarket differentials. Configure your kit below! ⇩ NOTE: This is a weld-on kit 1997 Spicer/Dana 80 (Stock #218-12884853) Differentials & Differential Parts / Axles, Complete Rears $950. ” Dutchman’s Custom and stock replacement 2 piece flanged floater axles are CNC machined and use a material combination of 4340 Chromoly for the drive flanges and axle shafts or the optional Hy Tuf material for the axles. They also provide better driveline angles because the pinion is located above the centerline of the axle. The U. Front Differential - DANA 1973-80 Chevy Blazer, Suburban 1973-80 GMC Jimmy, Suburban. WAYALIFE. EmWest Motorsports is committed to building custom axles using not only the brands we believe in, but the brands Pro Rock 60 Front & Rear - 88 Thru 99 GM Pickup and SUV Pro 60 Hi Pinion Front Axle Assembly Unveiled in 2002, this 21st century design is still the benchmark for all other Hi-Pinion Dana 60's to try to keep up with. 20. Our front axles are forged from 4340 chromoly steel to provide increased torsional strength, and reduce deflection of the yoke area to prevent u-joint wear. This kit is designed for an axle with only one tire on each side. How To Identify A Dana Spicer Axle. Crane Axle’s heavy-duty Dana 80 Axle Assemblies start with a Brand New USA Made Dana 80 Axle Housing that is cast from high-strength nodular iron. 17 mm) high numbers stamped in the tube. Axle model identification 3. CART. Northridge4x4 carries the best in Jeep aftermarket axle upgrades, from reputed brands like Dynatrac, Dana, Teraflex, and Currie, built and ready to ship in 3-5 day. The Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 boasts one of the strongest EXPLODED VIEW OF AXLE ASSEMBLY Figure 1-2 The model 80 single-speed axle assembly is an integral-type housing. RCV 4340 Drive Flange Set for Toyota Solid Front Axles. The Dana Crate Axle Program provides a solid foundation for your next drivetrain build. Dana 30 - Front Axle: 80W-90 Gear and Axle Lubricant: 2. This assembly includes a new Dana 80 Center Section with 4" x ½” (. Joined Feb 11, 2008 Posts 1,161 Reaction score 34 Location West Jordan UT Dana 80 Front Axle Build. 4WD Front Axle Components 1994-15 Ram 1500 1994-02 Ram 2500 3500. Everything including the housing, gears, bearings, and axle shafts are brand new and manufactured to exacting standards. Would recommend this product. Jul 22, 2011 · Dana 80 front axle build. 1973-80 k10,20 front axle (dana design) Note 1 : 1976 First Design Housing will have Steering Absorber Bracket welded approximately 4 inches from drivers side front Hub. S. Gear ratios from 3. 375") DOM tubes. 25" Pinion shaft Diameter=2" Ring Gear Bolt Count=12 Pinion Spline=37 Cover Bolt Count=10 3. 5's were reserved for single rear wheel (SRW) applications, where the larger 80 was used in all duallies (DRW). Take a look at our SP 708170 as well as other DANA 80, available for sale here at Drive Train Specialists -- your trusted source for drive train parts, accessories, and services. FACTORY DIRECT. Full-floating Dana 80 This is the step into medium-duty truck axles. May 02, 2011 · The axle shafts are yukon cromo dana 60 shafts. Jeep Wrangler JL Axle Assemblies | Fusion Elite Kingpin 60 Front Axle Assembly and Fusion Elite 80 40 spline Rear Axle Assembly. Upgrade the brakes on your Dana 80 from drum to disc with one of our disc brake conversion kits! We offer the best quality kits and the best prices you’ll find online, and every order includes free priority shipping. 14,000 lb Ford Dana 130 rear axle (4) 20 x 10 Aluminum, 3 piece, powder-coated or polished wheels (4) 365 80 R20 tires, 44″ tall or 335 80 R 20 tires, 42″ tall, Goodyear or Continental available; Optional internal bead-locks with runflats in each wheel, mounted and balanced; HD replacement front and rear sway bars with double capacity available Used 2006 DANA DANA 80 Front Axle for sale in WURTSBORO, NY #585368. All you need to add are brackets and brake components that fit your needs. Price:$3,811. More DANA Front Axles for sale at TNT Magazine DANA 80 Master Install Kit 1988-1997 Ford, 1994-2001 Dodge. Call Sierra Gear & Axle at (800)792-2714. The Dana 80 and P30 or 3500HD axle combo are good for a vehicle GVW of about 14,000 lb judging by the rating of the vehicles they came stock in. 56 ring and pinion (# D60-456) Dec 02, 2011 · Front and rear axles are available for every model but the Dana 80 (because they never made a front 80, but they do make a front 70 which is used in medium duty trucks). Specification number assigned to the axle built by Spicer ®. ProRock XD60® Front Axle The Best Ford Chevy Dodge Toyota Suzuki Dana 60 Dana 44 14 Bolt Suspension, Armor, Axle components, Fabrication parts Lift and SAS kits OBS SuperDuty Swap F350 F250 TJ Wrangler (Dana 44, Dana 60 & 9") "AMC" Javelin (12 Bolt, Dana 60, & 9") Contact DTS Custom Services! We also build build custom to spec housings! If you don't see it, Call Us toll-free to see if we can meet your needs. 31 axle ratio, or gears can be bought for it. Currie Enterprises can build you a front Dana 44 or Dana 60. 10 and up ratio only *Provides 100% traction to both wheels at all times *Not recommended for street driven vehicles Yukon performance spools are Dual caliper brakes, 12, 000 pound rated dana 80 front axle, planetary 1997 Spicer/Dana 80 (Stock #218-12884853) | Axles, Complete Rears | TPI Dana DANA 80 (Stock #158909) | Rear Rears (Tandem Rear or Single) | TPI DANA 80 Description: Ring Gear Diameter=11. Dana 80 or Ford Sterling is a rear cover Dana 110 are only on F450/550 trucks. 500”) wall DOM Tubes into that housing for increased strength to resist bending & torsion. Because I'm using dana 60 shafts I can use a 60 inner axle seal. The hose is attached to the top of the axle close by the brake lines to the caliper. With Dana’s innovative Crate Axle Program, it’s easier than ever to get the exact OE-quality axle you need. Yukon 1541H alloy axles offer a strength increase over stock while retaining a low cost. Yukon 1541H alloy replacement rear axle for Dana 60, 70, 80 w/a length of 39 inches and 35 splines. Street, race car, off road 4x4 and 2wd trucks. Configure Item. I just got back from REV in Decatur. When you install the kit, you’ll want to bolt the kit together, tack on the brackets, and then disassemble before fully welding on the brackets. The 10. The carrier split is 4. 00 This kit is specifically designed for the following axles: Dana 60 dual rear wheel axles (8-lug axles only) Eaton dual rear wheel axles; NOTE: We have separate kits for Dana 80, Dana 70, 14 Bolt, and Ford 10. 14118. 500) wall DOM tubes. comJeep parts purchased through this Amazon link will help support this channel and at no cost to you: https://www. 2002 GMC 2500HD EC SB, 6. ·. superatv. 0/4L80E/4. Has a 3. , from the axle housing. 80 Series Front Axle Rebuild Questions Ih8mud Forum. 50. This combination allows the use of 35 spline shafts with 1480 joints or 40 spline axles with rockwell sized u-joints and MASSIVE 2-3/8" outer stub shafts. 5" [/ QUOTE ] All '99-up DRWs with PSD engines have a Dana 80 rear end. up to the heavy engine and big tires. Country or origin 2. 110 is very simular to the Ford 9 inch as to access the gearing you remove the Pinion/ring /diff as a module from the front. Shown in figure 1-2 is a Model 80 full-float design. FREE SHIPPING. Results. Add To Cart For independent front suspension (IFS) axles, the B/M number may be located at one of three locations: 1). comRCV AXLES http://www. Carrier assembly serial number assigned by the Differential & Axle Parts Specialists We have your differential parts in stock ready to ship today. 100% bolt-in ready with all Gladiator brackets and OE quality ABS. 75-inch ring gear provides plenty of beef for running 39-inch and larger tires, and Dec 25, 2007 · Guest. 5" Dana 44 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK, 0-3" Lift, Teraflex HD Front Axle Housing, 1/4" Wall Tubing, Adjustable Track Bar Bracket Uses standard Dana 44 locker or ARB RD147, 0-3" Lift. Dana Spicer and Ford Differentials can be identified most accurately by the tag number or axle tube stamp. With the toughest jobs in mind, we have built an axle that will perform when others will not. Whether you're a weekend warrior or off-road racer, these axles provide the performance you need to tackle even the most challenging obstacles. The ProRock 60 has a US Patent Pending. #5 · Jan 20, 2009 (Edited) Ring gear diameter is larger, spline count on the Dana 80 is 35, many 70's are 32 spline. Dual Caliper Brakes 12 000 Pound Rated Dana 80 Front Jul 01, 2010 · A Dana 80 front axle without the adjustable knuckles will run about $6,240. Length, Kit. Second Design Housing will have Steering Absorber Bracket welded approximately 4 inches from Carrier Feb 25, 2021 · We've seen this setup a few times in custom builds; of course a Ford 9-inch-based axle, while strong, isn't quite as strong as some other axles (like a Deuce-and-a-half or Dana 80 rear axle). Dana Spicer 45720 BOLT for AXLE HUB . SUPER ATV http://www. To eliminate the issue of leaking knuckles on toyota front axles, we are now including new seals next to the 3rd member. 25-inch ring gear, giant 2-inch diameter pinion and 40-spline 4340 axle shafts give the ProRock 80 the ability to handle huge tires, a massive rig and a heavy right foot. Jul 13, 2016 · The 1978 to 1979 front axle disc brake setup makes for a more straightforward build, especially since the brake calipers from your current TTB axle will not fit on the older solid front axles. All 3500's use the dana 80 rear. 1-877-742-7834. On the back bottom left flange, the axle has. It is the very best 4WD drivetrain technology that money can buy. OEM part number assigned to the axle build 5. When I got under the RV to look what was done, there was a rubber hose hanging and I can't figure out where this hose should connect to. Dana 60 front axles come in two styles: standard rotation low-pinion and reverse rotation high-pinion. Dynatrac Axle Sets™ are now available for the all-new Jeep Gladiator JT! Available in both Elite and Hard Core Plus packages, Dynatrac Axle Sets for the JT provide the strength, durability and unmatched ground clearance in easy-to-install packages to go far beyond typical Dana 60 crate axles. LockRight Locker for Dana 70/80 Hybrid Axles. With a complete axle set you can offroad in more extreme conditions with heavier tires, without having to worry about bending a housing. Spicer Bill of Material Call the following number for the part. APE is an Off-road parts and custom fabrication shop is located in cookeville, TN. ama dana 80, gmc, 41 x 50 1/2", 8 bolt spider, shock brackets to front, bare axle housing, 10 bolt cover, dana 80, bare axle housing, Part Info (800)537-8690 Request Info Crane Axle’s heavy-duty Dana 80 Axle Assemblies start with a Brand New USA Made Dana 80 Axle Housing that is cast from high-strength nodular iron. All Spicer Carrier Type axles are identified with a manufacturing date (1) and Bill of Material number (2) stamped on the right or left hand tube on driving axles. Jun 26, 2006 · The Dana 80 is a big boy as is the Dana 70HD (found under late model Ford Econoline vans). Whether you plan to replace the front seals, or front seals and front bearings, you’ll need to first determine the proper seals and bearings in your F-150. Truck Make. 25 Sterling dual real wheel axles. 5" PSC double ended ram 1. 2005 4x4s have a Dana 60 front axle. To do this, it may be necessary to wipe or scrape off dirt, etc. Our differential experts are available from 8am to 5pm PST Monday thru Friday. Dana 80 Rear Axle Assembly - 40 Spline New. 00, includes front and rear. Identifies all component parts of the axle including special OEM requirements such as yokes or flanges 4. 8 Lug Dually Dana 80 Rear with Hydraulic Disc Brakes. The exception to this was if the truck was factory ordered with Sep 14, 2006 · What types of axles might be in a 2005 F-350 CC DRW 4x4 PSD? Doing some internet searching, it looks like the front is a Dana 60 and the rear is either a Dana 80 or a Corporate 10. We offer a wide variety of different axle diameters and leaf spring widths so you can find the exact fit for your application. The ECGS Dana 80 features the highest quality parts available on the market. The 9. It can be done on a Dana 60 - but the inner 'Cs' are pressed on differently and are known not to come off, regardless of the amount of grinding you do. dana 80 front axle build

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